Yes, You CAN Grow Your Own Food!

By Michele Spremich | April 20, 2020

The local food movement is nothing new to most Novato folks. With our seasonal Downtown Farmers’ Market and our town’s many unique eateries, we have lots of choices when it…

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Climate Change and Pandemics

By Design Admin | April 20, 2020

Climate change may be putting people at risk for more pandemics like COVID-19. Habitat loss due to climate is bringing animals that can transmit disease in contact with humans more often. Dr.…

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Climate Kids: Backyard Foraging For the Whole Family

By Chrisandra Fox-Walker | April 19, 2020

Spring is here said the bumblebee How do you know said the old oak tree I just saw a daffodil Dancing with the fairies on the windy hill — Children’s verse…

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